aKademy 2007

This year’s Akademy, the annual meeting of the KDE community, has started.

And I’m not there. Sad somehow, because I really would like to attend to almost all of the talks. But personal reasons aka real life made attending impossible.

Anyhow, the dot announcement of the first Akademy day indicates that we might get video coverage of some talks. Remember that last year almost all talks were available as videos in the end. Also, most of the presentations slides were available afterwards, and I hope that we see a similar coverage this year again. I’m especially interested in the talk about unit tests because that touches my current university project at least a little bit, and it could become my entry point to contribute a bit to KDE in the near future…

In the meantime I just hope that at least some developers will keep on blogging about the aKademy meeting so that the people who had to stay at home can get a feeling about how it is. Best regards towards Glasgow from me 🙂