Google Desktop Search available for Linux

Google has just released the Google Desktop Search for Linux.

Google has released the Desktop Search for Linux. Packages are available in native formats (rpm and deb) for various distributions and there are even native package repositories available.

Here are two screenshots you might be interested in. The first one shows the fast search which pops up when you hit ctrl two times, the second one simply shows the system tray icon:

Google search field pop up

Google Desktop Search system tray icon

The feature list is nice, but could be better. For example, I’m missing Windows file formats as well as KMail mails or Akregator news. But I guess such things will be implemented over time.
What I miss however is an information if inotify is supported – the main advantage would be that after the first complete indexing Google would not need to update regularly but could rely on internal messaging services to discover if a file has been changed.

This release is an interesting move – I admit that I would have preferred Google Talk because we need free software there more than in the desktop search field were there are already plenty of tools available. Still, it is nice to see that Google really tries to push the Linux desktop by providing the Windows applications for Linux also.

As a side note I think the provided repositories also deserve attention: it looks like Linux starts providing the applications in native binaries instead of *.bin-files like Google Earth. I estimate that rpm files for Google earth can expected in the future as well, making it much easier installing these applications.
On the other hand I hope Google will now push standards which deal with easy installation of additional repositories. That is something the Linux desktop also really needs!

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