Slides posted on [Update]

kde-logo-officialThe text says it all, almost: the first talk slides are now linked at just go to the page of your favourite talk, and check if their is a new link at the bottom which links to the slides. So far I saw (the links go to the pages with the talk descriptions and the slide links at the end):

I will try tokeepthis list up2date thenext days, so don’t be surprised if you see the 2nd or 3rd update of this articlecoming up. Btw., no sign of the videos for now.

So, here is the first update to that list.

Looks like the most talks now have slides. I’m not sure if I will update this article again or just write a short note when all talks got their slides.


2 thoughts on “Slides posted on [Update]”

  1. s/until now/for now

    When you say until now it means that the videos were not available before, but are now. Which is not the case.

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