KDE: aKademy Videos now online

Looks like today is the day of short postings… however, here the short news: the aKademy 2006 videos are online.
The videos currently online are:

  • Accessibility of KDE4 Applications – Gunnar Schmidt
  • Accomplishments and Challenges of the KDevelop Team – Alexander Dymo
  • Akonadi – The KDE 4 PIM Framework – Tobias Koenig
  • An Introduction to CMake CTest and Dart – Bill Hoffman
  • Competition and Cooperation – An honest look at the dynamics between the KDE and GNOME communities – John (J5) Palmieri
  • Debian-Edu and Skolelinux – KDE in the Tough School Environment – Christian Kuelker
  • Debian KDE Extras Team presentation – Mark Purcell
  • Decibel – You Are Not Alone! – Tobias Hunger
  • English Breakfast Network – Adriaan De Groot
  • How To Make Your Program Popular – Inge Wallin
  • Interactive Community and Fundraising – Sponsored Development Model – Eric Laffoon
  • KDE4 Development Setup – David Faure
  • KDE Cross Cultural – Experiences from the KDE Localization Process in Cambodia – Jens Herden
  • KDE Integration and Embedded Software Architecture on the Ricoh Platform – Jin Yoon
  • KDE and Consumer Electronics – The Lost Momentum – Holger Freyther
  • aKademy Awards

I do not understand why the files are provided as direct links – does KDE has to many bandwith and infinite upload capacities? Why not fire up a torrent server until the first run settles down?
But anyway, not my problem 🙂

The quality of the videos is ok, I think, you can see all presentations – however, the sound quality lacks in certain ways, making it difficult to understand the people. But it works all after all, and is much better than having nothing.
The file format is Ogg theora.

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