Intel 965GM graphics drivers available

Congrats to Intel: they showed today what it means to be committed to Open Source: shortly after the new intel platform, Santa Rosa, was released, Keith Packard announced that full drivers for the new Intel graphics cards are available.

Keith works at Intel under a NDA (afaik) to develop the X drivers. And since he is also mainly responsible for other huge X.Org improvements, the development of the Intel drivers is pretty close to the development of X. Therefore, the Intel graphics drivers are the best you get compared to other graphics drivers for Linux.

The announcement of the drivers can be read at, more information about the chipset itself can be found at Intel’s pages.
The drivers themselves are available at

Btw., reading the announcement and also the intellinuxgraphics page one thing struck my eyes: it is said that “X.Org 2.0 driver” supports the new chipset. I’m now a bit confused if that means that the driver will have version 2.0 – or if that means that X.Org server 2.0 will come along with drivers supporting the new chipset. Keep in mind that the driver has now its own version cycle, independent form the rest of the X.Org package!
If I understand it in the right way I wonder when the new server is supposed to get out…


4 thoughts on “Intel 965GM graphics drivers available”

  1. i m not able to download those drivers from the above given link by git-clone…is there any http link for it?

  2. sumedh, If you have any problems, jump to a forum specialised on graphic drivers like phoronix. But keep in mind that installing such drivers in Linux requires quite a lot of knowledge.

  3. Hi,
    I am looking for intel 965 GM chipset driver. I am not seeing that readhat has integrated this driver into into rhel5.

    I am wondering how the linux users all over the world are dealing with it, since intel has released this chipset pretty long back whereas the linux for this is not yet properly supported as far as i know.

    I am using hp dv6930 laptop and not able to use linux because just for this driver issue.

    If the solution is there , please mail me at

    Best regards

  4. Himanshu, the drivers for the card should be included with the xorg-x11-drv-i810 package which is indeed part of the RHEL release. So you don’t need to wait for the newest drivers, they are already there.
    On the net there are various reports that this driver does work with that card under RHEL 5.1 – however, I admit that the driver included with RHEL is hardly the newest one and you might think about updating it yourself.

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