KDE 4, Alpha 1

Its all over the news: KDE 4, Alpha 1 has been released. Here are the important links.

All news media and additionally several blogs covered it, so there is no need to repeat the message. Here is just an overview over the most important links regarding that release:

  • The dot.kde.org announcement.
  • The Techbase announcement, featuring a visiual guide.
  • The download address of a Opensuse based Live DVD with KDE 4 Alpha 1.
  • The general KDE 4 schedule at Techbase.
    • The “Sightseeing” part of the Techbase guide is a nice read: it mentions where you should head to to get a first impression of the ongoing development.
      Unfortunately, it also mentions that the new KDE PIM most likely won’t make it into KDE 4.0, but that it will appear in KDE 4.1. Sad somehow, because I really like Kmail and its features, but really hate the UI freeze.


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