KDE development: phonon and SVG usage increases

The development of the base technologies takes place at full speed. However, the question was always how well these base technologies will be accepted by the application developers. The latest commit digests from KDE draw a promising picture.

As you can read at the dot the base technologies of KDE are shaping up quite nice. However, they still have to prove that they are worth the fuzz: first of all they have to show that they are fitting the application developers needs. When the application developers do not like the new APIs they will develop their own one. Second, they must be provided in a stable manner a significant amount of time before the rest of KDE 4 gets ready because the developers need to test them to smooth out the rough edges: when KDE 4 is in release ready shape it is too late to make API changes.
For these reasons it makes sense to check the development reports of KDE for commits related to the new base technologies.

And at least in the regard of SVG and Phonon the last two commit digests draw a pretty promising picture:
The major media players started to experiment with the Phonon engine: Amarok as well as Kaffeine added experimental Phonon support. Also, Okular started integrating Phonon too play embedded audio files, and some of the apps from the KDE-Education package were patched to use Phonon.
Speaking about Phonon: the Phonon-gst engine was commited and is now actively developed. That hopefully means that Phonon will have two feature equal backends, gstreamer and xine.

SVG wise the KDE-Games package takes the lead at the moment: all KDE-Games are switching to SVG game data and backgrounds. Take this svg image as an example. The important point is that the KDE integration is now tested in all its glory – if something is not working out in real application development, the KDE-Games developers will find it, if they want to or not 😉
And, speaking about SVG support: I wonder if we will see stepless icon zooming in KDE 4 like Vista has it. Would be as nice as useful.

3 thoughts on “KDE development: phonon and SVG usage increases”

  1. yeah, you’re right. the svg-link doesn’t work. can you please fix it, because i want to see this picture? thank ya

  2. There is no server encoding set – if your browser does not support svg it is your problem, not mine.
    Konqueror, which I use mainly, does not have any problem at all with the link.

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