Current konqueror versions do already pass all CSS 3 tests. However, this wasn’t really mentioned at release date.

Some days ago someone on slashdot mentioned that the next Opera version is going to pass all CSS 3 tests. While this is great news for Opera I wondered how well konqueror does on this tests, and gave it a try. It passed all tests without a problem. This surprised me a bit because I did not remember reading about this.

It turned out that with the release of KDE 3.5.6 this feature was introduced. However, neither the news report on the dot nor the official release announcement mentioned this – in contrast to the CSS 2 validation, for example. KDE should have done more here!

Of course I am aware that passing tests does not mean that the browser is fully CSS 3 compliant – if you go through the preview page of the test side you will quickly see that KHTML is still missing quite some implementations. Interesting here: for several modules it is claimed that Webkit does support them already (at least in a nightly build). But still, passing unit tests is an important part and should be at least mentioned a bit.

A last word about KHTML in KDE 4: the current SVN versions fails only one test of the test suite, and the tested previews which fail or work are the same for both KHTML of KDE 3 and KHTML of KDE 4. However, the previews miss a scroll bar in KDE 4’s KHTML, but I guess that’s just a bug.

8 thoughts on “KHTML and CSS 3”

  1. I did the test for css selectors in opensuse 10.2 with the latest firefox: here are the results:


    and with Konqueror in KDE 3.5.6: results:


    Umm? isn’t this curious?. I just hope KDE boys focus now on converting Konqueror into the best web browser; now is really fast but fails in showing some content and lacks the ability to add plugins (like firefox addons). Firefox is slow and “buggy” to some extent (under Linux): Konqueror could perfectly replace it since KDE 4.0 if it’s given and extra impulse.

  2. Sorry, in my previous comment is missing that Konqueror did the test perfect (not a single fail) and while did a 358 out of 579.

  3. Roy, the question here is admittedly if Konqueror really implements all of CSS. While it is out of question that it passes all tests a look at the preview page shows quite some missing features.

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