KDE games: meet GGZ gaming zone

The KDE games development for KDE 4 recently introduced a GGZ backend. It will empower users to play their games on the internet.

The last commit digest, issue 48 introduced the GGZ Gaming Zone. GGZ is a project to develop a free online gaming infrastructure. It provides servers, clients, protocols, chat bots and similar stuff.
Now Josef Spillner developed a backend for KDE to make sure that KDE games can use that infrastructure as well:

With just a few lines of code, game developers will be able to access great functionality such as game server events, chatting, statistics, savegames and tournaments. What still needs to be done at this point is a few common dialogs.

Kreversi already compiles and works with the backend:

This is of course still a development version (it is said to work “in general”) but it shows what we might expect.

And since GGZ can be extended to other games we might see general online capabilities for most games of KDE 4 – that would be
a huge enhancement and a nice bonus for KDE.

Speaking about KDE games, I was very happy to see that ksudoku was commited to the KDE svn. For me ksudoko ist the best Sudoku engine out there. And that is not only my opinion 😉

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