What the…? About a dragon and a water mammal…

When I wrote down the post about a Dolphin svn commit I did not expect anyone to read this. In fact, I almost dropped that article but wrote it eventually because I had some spare time and nothing else to do. Well, it turned out there were some more people interested… Time to clarify some things.

Quite some news have picked up the article and it became the most famous article I ever wrote since I am on WordPress – I would have bet every amount of money against that, but poor me…
The problem is now that quite some people misunderstood some things in the text – also because I wasn’t clear enough, sorry for that, KDE folks.

To make things clear: konqueror is not vanishing. Not at all. I will quote aseigo, who wrote a clear article about that:

what is on the plan right now is for dolphin to become the file manager that gets launched from the default panel buttons and by apps requesting to launch a file manager. and just like in kde3 you will be able to configure all of this quite easily so that it uses konqueror (or whatever other tool you prefer, e.g. krusader) instead.

So: nothing to worry about.
Ah, and since I already write about that topic: I now that WebKit is not a browser, I had Unity in my mind when I wrote that article in the middle of the night.

Phew, I should stop trying to guess how many people are interested in which topic, some times I’m right, but too often I go down the wrong road…

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