Stunned by the friendliness of a stranger

Since I decided to blog again a couple of days ago I was always asked by WordPress to publish my posts in twitter as well. However, I didn’t have a twitter account and thus never really gave it any thought.

Today I had some spare time, and decided to go for it and looked for – and it was taken. The account was abandoned, the last tweet was from years ago, and it was obvious that the company behind it already used another, better fitting twitter account. But, nevertheless, the name was taken.

So what to do? I use my nick name “liquidat” almost everywhere, from Wikipedia over WordPress to GitHub and whatnot, and somehow I didn’t want to use another nick name for twitter. So I decided to write the people behind the twitter account if they somehow would be willing to let me have the twitter name. I went to company website, used the contact form and asked kindly – not expecting any response, and not at all a positive one, since this is a company on another continent, thousands of kilometers away.

But today I got the answer – and it was positive:

No problem. Is a pleasure help you.
I wish your success.

And in a second mail, it became even better:

Hi! This is a chain. I do well for you, you do good for someone and that
someone does for someone else, and one day your turn will come you again.
Be happy

I am stunned. And speechless. And can hardly believe the fact that this person actually decided to help me. And that the reason behind it was a reason I try to live myself: helping others where you can so that they help others, to make this blue marble a better place. To actually help someone you never met and most likely will never meet who is living thousands of kilometers away, is a beautiful thing to do. And just gave me a bit more faith in humanity.

So: I am now on twitter as liquidat. And that is due to the kindliness and friendliness of the people at I wish them all the best, and best regards!

So there are people who want to make this a better place. I like that =)

There and back again

Hej there – two years ago I left the bloggosphere for good. I had a new job, and hardly any time for blogging. Two years later a lot of things have changed. I mean, I still have the job. And I have even less time for blogging!

But: I make a lot of experiences using Linux and Open Source Software in business critical environments, and I managed quite some larger Open Source projects myself (yes, I was promoted to “Project Manager / Senior Consultant” – Hurray for fancy job titles! 😉 ). And: I simply need a place to write down these experiences, what was really good, what was bad, what I learned from them, what others could learn and so on. And why should

So, as a result, you might find one or the other new blog post here in the future. You might. =)