New Category: Short Tip

I just added a new category to this blog, “Short Tip”. In future it will be used for the really small but sometimes helpful things.

Usually I only cover stuff in this blog which is worth writing an entire article. But sometimes I come across small but very helpful tips or workarounds I would like to write down here to not forget them, but which are not long enough for an entire article. In the future these will be covered by the category Short Tip.

As you might have noticed all my articles follow a specific layout: there is the short summarize written in italic on top and flanked by a topic related image, and the rest of the article is sometimes parted by sub-headlines. And of course there is a lot of text.
And since i (quietly) introduced this new layout I’m quite pleased with it, however it makes it almost impossible to write really short things like the key bindings information. But this blog is, among other things, a place for me to remember important or useful or helpful information. Therefore I was wondering how to bring these together: layout on the one hand, short information on the other hand.

And I will take the direct way: tips won’t be written in the layout, they will just appear without anything else. Maybe I’ll keep the picture, but I’m not sure yet about that.

And if you just wonder why I do care so much about that topic and the style of writing: it is just too late for me πŸ˜‰