[Short Tip] Show all variables of a host

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There are multiple sources where variables for Ansible can be defined. Most of them can be shown via the setup module, but there are more.

For example, if you use a dynamic inventory script to access a Satellite server many variables like the organization are provided via the inventory script – and these are not shown in setup usually.

To get all variables of a host use the following notation:

- name: dump all
  hosts: all

  - name: get variables
    debug: var=hostvars[inventory_hostname]

Use this during debug to find out if the variables you’ve set somewhere are actually accessible in your playbooks.

If even created a small github repository for this to easily integrate it with Tower.


3 thoughts on “[Short Tip] Show all variables of a host”

  1. I didn’t know this method, but I don’t see what is, in fact, the difference with information get from setup module with ansible -i MyInventory -m setup MyHost. I did a test on the same machine, and the only information wich is not in the “setup” method is the group to which the machine belongs.

    1. Thanks for the comment! As mentioned in the blog post, variables from dynamic inventories are not all shown in the setup module – like the group variables. And if you need to access those (or just want to get them to debug your playbooks) the above mentioned way to address them helps.

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