Small Gems: KMail attachment notification


Once in a while I run into really nice and well crafted features in software which are hardly known – or at least not advertised enough. I call these small but shiny features “little gems”. One of those struck me in a recent KMail release.

Everyone who has ever used e-mails has at least once gotten or sent an e-mail which was intended to have an attachment, but didn’t have it. KMail has the possibility to check a written mail for certain, user configurable key words: if there is a word match in the mail without it having an attachment, the user is asked if he/she hasn’t forgotten the attachment when he/she hits the send button.

With recent KMail versions, the check is done on the fly, and the notion about a possible forgotten attachment is integrated much better into the entire interface:
Pretty neat =)


3 thoughts on “Small Gems: KMail attachment notification”

  1. Oh yes, I love this feature, too, and with the new notification it is even better! Kudos to the KMail developers.

  2. Funny how everyone has different experiences. I found this page searching for a way to turn it off. I don’t like having extraneous information popping up, it disturbs my flow.

    I do share the experience of how amazing KDE is and have so much gratitude for all the developers and community that make it happen!

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