Howto: Extracting entire mails in mbox format from Zarafa [link]

A Zarafa groupware does workin complex setup you most likely have spam filtering software like Spamassassin running on the main MTA in front of Zarafa. Modern spam filters however need to be trained with ham and spam examples – and Zarafa has no simple way to export stored mails in a txt or mbox format, and the database does not store mails but mapi objects.

Luckily, a coworker of mine here at credativ has written a script to extract mails from a Zarafa to mbox as long as some header information are known: [Howto] Zarafa mail extraction.


3 thoughts on “Howto: Extracting entire mails in mbox format from Zarafa [link]”

    1. Felix: the plugin can only forward the e-mail to a locally working anti spam system. It however does not work with a remote scan solution. That’s what I meant with “main MTA in front” 😉
      Btw., I do use the plugin in a smaller setup, and there it doees work pretty well.

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