There and back again

Hej there – two years ago I left the bloggosphere for good. I had a new job, and hardly any time for blogging. Two years later a lot of things have changed. I mean, I still have the job. And I have even less time for blogging!

But: I make a lot of experiences using Linux and Open Source Software in business critical environments, and I managed quite some larger Open Source projects myself (yes, I was promoted to “Project Manager / Senior Consultant” – Hurray for fancy job titles! 😉 ). And: I simply need a place to write down these experiences, what was really good, what was bad, what I learned from them, what others could learn and so on. And why should

So, as a result, you might find one or the other new blog post here in the future. You might. =)


5 thoughts on “There and back again”

  1. I have to say I had missed your informative and well-written blog posts for the last two years, so I hope you do start posting again. 🙂

  2. Will, don’t get too excited. I am not sure often I will be able to update the blog, or if the stories are still that interesting. But thanks for the flowers anyway 😉

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