RPM Fusion enters testing state

RPM Fusion, a merge of several former Fedora 3rd party repositories providing licence/patent problematic packages, has entered the public testing state. Fedora Rawhide users can now start using it, and the brave among the Fedora 9 and Fedora 8 users can also help testing.

RPM Fusion was announced more than a year ago and is the attempt to merge several of the many existing 3rd party repositories for Fedora (Dribble, Freshrpms,. livna). The idea of the common repository is to enhance the compatibility as well as avoid duplication – in the former time many packages were provided by more than one repository. The aim of the new RPM Fusion is however just the same as it was for the original repos: provide high quality packages of software which cannot be part of Fedora due to licence/patent problems.

There was a lot of development going on in the background, but RPM Fusion wasn’t ready for Fedora 9 unfortunately – there was just too much to do: importing the packages, sorting out incompatibilities, creating a common build- and mirror-system, etc. Now most of the work is done and the new repository is ready for testing – more details can be found in Thorsten Leemhuis’ blog post. There you will also find ready-to-install repository packages.

With the new repository the situation for users regarding mixed repositories and the possible incompatibilities will hopefully improve a lot. Also, new users don’t have to make a choice between the repositories. And last but not least, with a common and clear infrastructure RPM Fusion will hopefully attract more users to submit their packages to the project so that RPM Fusion grows even more.

7 thoughts on “RPM Fusion enters testing state”

  1. Hi pal!

    In recent times I’ve moved a bit away from Fedora, dealing more with CentOS and Ubuntu machines.

    I’ve already read about this Fusion thing, but wat about the RPMforge (Dag & co, I mean) … have they moved into extras or what ?

  2. Hey, hi kOoLiNuS,

    No, RPMForge is still doing its own, but all the others (Livna, Freshrpms, Dribble) have moved into RPM Fusion. And the main difference is that RPM Fusion uses the same rules as Fedora – and RPMForge does not. And RPMForge still replaces core packages, which is something I never liked, personally, RPM Fusion is strictly enhancing Fedora.

  3. A thing to remember about rpmFusion is that it will not allow all packages that were in the repos that it is replacing.

    eg Livna will stay around to provide libdvdcss which will not be packaged by rpmforge.

    The reasons are understandable, but a slight shame for the end user having to enable more than one repository.

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