Short Tip: htop, a top alternative

Everyone administrating Linux needs the program top once in a while. However, I never really grew accustomed to that program and always found it hard to use. Recently, I came across a very usable but still simple alternative: htop.

What I actually liked most is that – in contrast to top – you can navigate up and down the process list with the arrow keys. Additionally, the most important configurations can be accessed with the keys F1-F10 – and the function of each key is also displayed. The program is in general very self-explanatory and there will hardly be the need to open the help files.

Last but not least it has cool bars showing the system performance – you don’t have to look at long numbers to get the idea 😉

The program is available on Fedora and almost all other Linux distributions.


5 thoughts on “Short Tip: htop, a top alternative”

  1. I also like htop, but i think a delay-feature like in top is missing…

    In Top I can set the delay to 0.1s, is this also possible in htop?


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