Short tip: Moving files on sshfs mounts


It is often necessary to work on other machines via ssh. However, managing larger amounts of files can be pretty painful this way. KDE eases he pain via fish://. It is even easier to mount directories via sshfs. However, sshfs is not perfect, and struggles if you simply want to move files. This is especially important when you want to use svn on the sshfs-directory – it will most like fail with an error message like “Operation not permitted”. But there is a workaround:

sshfs  -o workaround=rename server:/home/me/devel devel 

With that option, svn shouldn’t be a problem anymore.


2 thoughts on “Short tip: Moving files on sshfs mounts”

  1. I absolutely love sshfs as well but there is a even better solution namely autofs+sshfs that way the sshfs file will be automatically mounted when you try to acces it. I written a bit about it:

    By the way nice blog. I would like to subscribe to your feed but can’t find it?

    Kind regards
    Thomas Jansson

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