KDE 3.5.10 to be released in August

KDE 4.1 was released just days ago, but the KDE team already prepares the next release for August: KDE 3.5.10. While there won’t be any new features in it it will contain many bugfixes.

With the release of KDE 4.0 many users were disappointed about missing functions. And while KDE 4.1 is out the discussion still goes on. However, most users seem to forget that there is a perfectly valid possibility to use KDE right now without updating yet to a KDE 4.x release: continue using KDE 3.5. In fact, many business desktops and many industry setups with KDE do use KDE 3.5.x, and will continue to do so for quite some months and years in the future.

And this alternative will get another release in August: KDE 3.5.10. That is actually the second KDE 3.5.x release since KDE 4.0 was released, and shows how much the KDE project is committed to its user base.

Still, it should be clear what the policy is regarding such releases: bugs are fixed when they are either security relevant or when the developer in the project has the time – so as more time a bugfix needs and as less relevant the bug is for the general user base the smaller is the chance that the bug actually gets fixed.
On the other hand, since it is not even said that KDE 3.5.10 is the last bugfix release ever you can also try to submit patches with bug fixes or (smaller) new features to the project, and it might be included in a future release. KDE 3.5 is used on really large setups cross the world, and the KDE project is aware of these setups – so they will support them in the future. And besides, some developers even still use KDE 3.5 on some of their machines.

7 thoughts on “KDE 3.5.10 to be released in August”

  1. Congratulations guys. I’m still on 3.5.9 and only using a VM to follow the 4.x-development. And I’ll stay at the 3.5-branch at least until 4.2.1 so I want to say a big thank you to you guys for still fixing the old system!

  2. As for me, I have totally switched to 4.1.1 with openSUSE 11.0. Definitely, I am still using some 3.5.x libraries to run the older KDE/QT apps that still have not been, yet, ported completely.

    Yes, there are many things that 4.1 is missing that 3.5.x has and I have grown to, but am sure that they will slowly be featured in future releases of 4.x and tonnes of new stuff.

    Only thing that bothers me little bit as of now is the video performance with my nVidia card … still gotta try those tweaks.

    I have been always a guy that prefers to go with bleading edge, as after all my computer is not running some mission critical tasks.

  3. Hi,
    Glad to see some focus on 3.5 since that is what the overwhelming number of KDE users (not readers of KDE blogs) actually use. Given the state of 4.x I doubt I’ll be upgrading my work machine for some time. Its fun to watch progress via a VM and live CD but I want my install to work.

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