New job, new life, new everything

Recently I’ve finished my diploma thesis, and started to look for a new job. I just thought that the next step would be to do something in physics because that’s what I’ve studied. But suddenly I got the opportunity to start at an Open Source company, and only days after I moved 500 km and picked up work.

I finally finished my studies – I’m a graduated physicist now. Took me quite some time, especially since the German grade “Diplom” takes 5 years by schedule, and a bit more time in reality in average. But anyway, I did it! After I finished my last oral exam some weeks ago I waited for the official documents to be done. I used the time to apply for different positions – mainly PhD positions in physics. I also thought about joining a Linux company somehow, but since my programming skills are limited I wasn’t brave enough.

Until tackat from KDE asked me if I would not like to apply for a job at credativ.

In case you don’t know, credativ is a German company specialized in IT-consulting, -support, -project management and -development. And everything is done with Open Source. Of course the entire network stack is also presented: monitoring networks, fighting spam at large levels, enterprise databases and so on. Software wise the company has extended knowledge and experience with Debian, PostgreSQL, eGroupware, Kolab, Nagios, ClamAV – and the KDE desktop.

At first I wasn’t sure if I could fit in there – while I do know my way around Free Software quite well, I never really took part in an Open Source project. I did program stuff for my studies, but still. In the end, despite these concerns I got a job interview, which went very well for both sides. I decided that this is chance to try to work full time on my hobby, so I joined the company this week. I am now working full time on Open Source stuff.

I must admit that this was all quite fast for me – until some weeks ago I would only have dreamed of this possibility, but not really considered this as an option. Also, I had to manage the real live stuff quite quick: finding a flat next to the job place, moving several hundred kilometers, and so on. But I guess that is normal for such unique adventures in life.

The next days I will keep on working myself into the KDE desktop and some 3rd party applications, but I will also look into special kinds of network monitoring. This is of course very exciting, and I’m really looking forward to it. Still, it is strange that my hobby suddenly turns serious.

In case you are interested in working at an Open Source company: credativ is definitely worth a look! There are not too many so Open Source centered companies out there, and additionally credativ is always looking for skilled talents. Especially if you are an experted in a special area (for example, if you are a PostgreSQL developer, if you can speak python fluently, are a certified RHEL engineer or whatever) just get in contact. You should, however, keep in mind that credativ is a German company. While there are offices in Great Britain and Canada you should be prepared to move near the office in Mönchengladbach – and you should know German, or ready to learn it quickly 😉

I’m looking forward to dive deeper into the field of Open Source/Free Software in a company which really got the idea of it!

18 thoughts on “New job, new life, new everything”

  1. Congratulations on your new job!

    So, you’re now living in NRW? I hope you already registered for participation at a booth at FrOSCon 😉 I’m pretty sure both, Fedora and KDE, would welcome some more help there.

  2. Sie haben aber Glück!! 😀

    Congratullations, really. It’s not easy to find such an atractive place to work. The last year I worked as sysadmin in an enterprise with all servers running on Debian/FreeBSD/RedHat/Ubuntu , all users working against a VNC/KDE/Ubuntu centralized desktop, etc. and was a great challenge. The job was great but we were only two sysadmins for all offices in Spain and Portugal (yes… almost forty offices for two sysadmins) so I really needed to go away.

    Keep on writing here (you have a great blog). Good luck!!

  3. Wow, thats an amazing story. I suppose we won’t see many more posts after this one.

  4. Gratulation!

    I’m studying physics as well right now, though I don’t know whether I should change to computer science… I’d love to have a job like yours!

  5. Thanks for the kind words everyone, I’m really looking forward how everything will turn out for me 🙂

    Milian: If you want I can give you a short summary how everything went for me and how I finally came to where I am now. Just send me an e-mail or contact me via Jabber.

  6. Congrats and good luck. I recently myself got a job, but nothing to do with OSS or IT, rather oil and gas industry.

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