Short Tip: Fixing ICQ login problem in KDE 3.5.9

Today many Kopete users were faced with an error when they tried to login to the ICQ network. The reported error was that the ICQ version is too old. Bug #165502 describes the problem and Jan provides a workaround in a comment: add the following files to the file ~/.kde/share/config/kopeterc:

ClientString=ICQ Client 

There have been numerous reports that the fix works on current Kopete versions. Thanks for the fix, Jan!

Additionally the kopete team has updated a ICQ version file which is online and which kopete fetches automatically at startup. This should also fix the problem, without the need to edit or update anything!

12 thoughts on “Short Tip: Fixing ICQ login problem in KDE 3.5.9”

  1. No workarounds should be needed now, the problem has been solved by updating the online version info file. No software update should be required either.

  2. Kopete 3.5.9 works fine for me without fix – but perhaps it’s dependant on if and what gentoo patched into it

    my config – hope there’s nothing wrong with it

    ClientString=ICQ Client

    thanks for sharing the bugfix, I would have been lost, if my brother hadn’t warned me to not log out of licq before testing another client

  3. This will be fixed in kdenetwork-3.5.9-3.fc8 for Fedora 8. KDE 4 already uses a version number which the ICQ servers accept, so Fedora 9 is not affected.

  4. It works fine for my system with KDE 3.5.9 and Kopete Version 0.12.7
    Thanks a lot!

  5. According to the upstream bug report, Kopete can automatically fetch current version information from a site controlled by upstream Kopete when the ICQ server rejects the connection.

    But in any case, the Fedora kdenetwork package has been updated.

  6. Hello
    I got another message when trying to login my icq.
    It did not accept my email or password or the icq number.
    Does not let me log in and see my contacts.
    Have ICQ ver-6.
    An icq member for more then 10 years with same number, email and password…
    Can someone help me??
    Thanks, Leah from Canada

  7. Leah, please understand that this is a place dedicated to Linux and/or the usage of Free Software. ICQ-problems with the ICQ-specific software should be discussed in the ICQ forums.

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