KDE at LinxTag 2008, Day 4 – Live as a Booth Babe

The last day of LinuxTag was dominated by talking to people at the booth – and by the possibility to take a look back after the event.

The last day was a Saturday, and therefore the fair was even more crowded than the days before. So we had a lot to do! And it was fun – it is really interesting to see what users think, what they are interested in and what concerns them.

For example I would have expected many more questions regarding the situation between KDE and Gnome and was even prepared for some flame wars. But nothing like that happened. Some of the visitors did ask about the relationship between this two big projects, but that was because they simply didn’t knew anything about it and were interested. They were pleased after they heard about the collaboration going on (DBUS, Tango, Xesam, etc.).

In general most people were interested and positive regarding KDE 4. Actually, there were only two concerns or problems I heard more often than just one or two times: users sometimes had bad experiences with early KDE 4 versions in regards of stability and were concerned if such problems had been fixed. And some people had their very own ideas of design or colors and were concerned that KDE 4 somehow would force something. The first concern was due to bugs in early KDE 4 versions (some even mentioned that they only tested the RC) which were fixed in the following releases. Together with the fact that KDE 4.1 is going to be much more round and polished in general these concerns vanished anyway. The second concern about colors and designs were also easily answered by the fact that KDE can be configured very much. Since the two demo machines indeed were running different color themes for Plasma (one gray one, one black one) the visitors having questions in that regard were most often not only satisfied but also impressed. That btw. showed that color and design are handled right inside KDE: there is a pleasing default design and a well chosen set of colors, but it can be switched quickly and in a very user friendly way. That is important because such things are a matter of taste in the end, and you can’t make it right for everyone.

But everything has an end, and the fair ended around 18 o’clock at that day. A bit more than half an hour later a courier picked up the booth box and it was over. Afterwards Ubuntu invited everyone for a “cool down” party, but Sebas and Simon mentioned that they wanted a bit more quiet evening, and I happily joined them for some good food in a cozy street coffee in Friedrichshain (thanks for that, guys!). We chatted about the fair and I used the opportunity to have a look back at everything and exchange thoughts and ideas regarding such events and such booth presentations. There btw. I first heard the term “Booth Babe” I think. Anyway, it showed me that I should join the KDE-Promo list!

All over all, the entire fair was a great experience. It helped me to put names to faces, to share ideas and thoughts and – most importantly – to meet the people of the community. Therefore (without any specific order), my thanks for this wonderful event go to Claudia, Luca, Franz, Eckhart, Marc, Malte, Alexander, Sebas, Simon, Chornelius, Aaron, Sandro and Fedora, Lydia and her ( 😉 ) Amarok team, the teams of Kubuntu, linux-gamers.org and Trolltech and everyone else I sadly forgot here. And my special thanks go of course to Alexandra ;). Thanks for the awesome fair, and thanks for the exciting evenings!

I just hope that Sebas uploads or send me the photos he made pretty soon, to show how everything looked like. Stay tuned!


11 thoughts on “KDE at LinxTag 2008, Day 4 – Live as a Booth Babe”

  1. Hi Roland!

    Was nice to put your nick to a face as well. Was a bit strange as I didn’t realize it was “the liquidat” I was talking to when I tried to get the damned VIA gpu up and running. But anyways, hope I’ll see you again on a fair. Personally I try to make Froscon my next stop. What about you?


  2. I agree on this and the previous posts. It seems that KDEs openly communicating development (these words are definetly wrong, but I hope you get the point) is the right way – best shown by the fact that the most confusion circled around this “Zoom out”-function in the upper-right – a feature _not_ well communicated. (In my opinion SuSE did the right thing by taking it out (for now)).

    The only thing I’m a bit sad about is, being in home-town, I had to take care of some local things, distracting me from getting the whole exhibition-blast I’m so addicted of.

    P.S.: The term “[whatever] Babe” is disturbing.

  3. Milian, I’m not sure yet since I am in the job-searching time. But it might be Akademy – Froscon would be very close then, so that would be difficult…

  4. hi roland, was a pleasure to meet you at linuxtag. Hope you had a good way back home.
    Perhaps we´ll meet again next year 😉

  5. FYI, we’re also disabling “Zoom Out” in KDE 4.0 in Fedora 9. Luckily, it looks like 4.1 makes zoom actually usable, and assuming that’s true, we won’t need that hack anymore.

  6. @Milian: I use the openchrome X driver and the openchrome 3d driver in Mesa. Still, my session crashes the moment I enable kwin effects and I am back at kdm. Grrr. Should get myself a decent video card.


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