KDE at LinuxTag 2008, Day 3 – Talks, talks, talks

The third day of LinuxTag was dominated by the KDE track in the conference part. Almost all current topics were covered and gave the visitors the opportunity to listen to the developer’s visions and plans.

The talks at the KDE track covered basic KDE 4 introduction, Akonadi, Usability, Multimedia and KOffice 2. Slides are not available atm, but the presenters themselves might upload them somewhere.

I didn’t find the time to go to any talk which was quite sad – I would have loved to see them all. But there was lot’s to do at the booth, and to help there was my main purpose. Additionally at the booth I had the opportunity to speak to most of the developers anyway 😉

Besides looking after the booth I also applied to give a presentation about Kontact’s portability to other platforms in fall this year – if personal life permits. But given that I’m lucky I’m really looking forward to give my first presentation – and also towards meeting again the awesome people of the KDE team!


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