KDE4Daily – testing KDE 4.1 with daily updates

KDE4Daily, a virtual machine image of KDE 4 with daily updates was released for KDE 4.1. This gives anyone the opportunity to test the newest KDE 4.1 sanely inside a virtual machine.

KDE4Daily had its debut in November 2007 when SSJ announced a virtual machine image with daily updates for the still in development KDE 4. Today it was announced that once again the KDE4Daily project will provide a daily snapshot of the current KDE development in form of a virtual machine image.

The image itself is a some 660 MB large qemu image. It can be run directly within qemu, but it is also possible to transform the image into for example a VirtualBox image.

Once launched the Ubuntu based Linux starts up and simply works. It can be used to have a look at the new features of the upcoming KDE 4.1. But it can also be used to find bugs. However, in case you find a bug always state that the bug was found inside KDE4Daily – it could also be that a bug is specific to this special environment.

In any way, KDE4Daily already shows that KDE 4.1 will indeed be an appealing Desktop Environment. The following image gallery is just a random set of images I shot having a look at the virtual machine.

KDE4Daily - loginKDE4Daily - startup

Logging in, starting up…

The new Plasma runnerThe new Plasma panel configuration dialog

New things from the Plasma world: a new runner and a panel configuration tool.

Konqueror\'s support for recently closed tabsKonqueror\'s session manager

Konqueror now offers session management and support for closed tabs.

Dolphin\'s new selection featureGwenview\'s full screen diashow tools

This shows the file selector in Dolphin to select several files without the keyboard. Next to it the Gwenview diashow mode can be seen.

Kontact in KDE 4Kinfocenter, reworked for KDE 4

KDE 4.1 ships the first KDE 4 version of KDE-PIM apps. They are still not based on Akonadi, but they are at least ported to KDE 4. In other news, the KInfocenter was also ported and got a face lift.

The Kubrick gameDesktop globe marble with mercator projection

Among the new games is Kubrick – the image speaks for itself. Marble of course got a new projection: Mercator.

17 thoughts on “KDE4Daily – testing KDE 4.1 with daily updates”

  1. jt: Be cool – KDE is as customizable as it ever was, and there are already many designs available.
    Also, keep in mind that personal taste is exactly that: personal. So just because you don’t like the look it means nothing for the larger audience.

  2. Good stuff … can’t wait to have the latest KDE4.

    However, just wondering if proxy support for konqueror has been fixed yet?

  3. Has anyone else got problems converting the qemu image to vdi?
    I can get it to work on qemu, but when I try the converted and shrinked image on Vbox it just says FATAL: Not bootable medium found! System halted.

    Using Vbox 1.6.0

    Besides that, as you say to jt, I find KDE4 quite pretty, so it’s just a matter of personal taste. And you’ll have KHotNewStuff almost everywhere to change that easily

  4. Javi, you forgot to convert the qemu-image with the help of qemu to a raw image. See the first code line of the post which is linked here.

  5. jt: I love what Pinheiro did so far 🙂
    But that doesn’t mean that i’ll never use other themes/icons at some point; already seen some other great stuff.

    KDE 4.1 looks very good already, woo hoo!

  6. I’ve been using the OpenSuse KDE 4.1 Beta1 Live CD for about six hours now. I’m really worried that it;s not going to be a usable desktop for most people.

  7. jt, what do you base this fear on? We tested it seriously, and besides the usual beta (!) bugs it works pretty well. Please keep in mind that you have a LiveCD with all the usual limitations.
    But in case there are specific aspects you are worried about, please mention them!

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