Meizu M3: Linux compatible MP3/Ogg player

There are several audio players out there capable of playing Ogg Vorbis. One of these which works perfectly together with Linux is the Meizu M3.

Originally I had an iAudio U2 player – that device was close to perfect: long battery life time, 2 GB storage, small, beautiful, capable of playing MP3 and Ogg Vorbis, and so on. Unfortunately, that one was stolen quite some time ago (the first thing ever stolen from me :/ ).

Later my girlfriend wanted to have a MP3 player and settled for the Samsung YP-T9JQB (which has of course Ogg Vorbis support). With a new firmware this one also worked pretty well with Linux. The only shortcoming is that you have to invoke a rescan of the music database manually after unplugging the device and that it is detected as two drives by Linux.

Now it was time to get myself a new player – and I chose the Meizu M3 – called “Music Card” – in white with 8 GB. Besides the obvious Ogg Vorbis support it also has the ability to switch between USB Mass Storage and MTP. This makes it possible to use the player just as you like with all kinds of operating systems (especially with older Linux, Windows 2k or Windows XP without the newest Windows Media Player) since these do only support USB Mass Storage. Luckily it also rescans the music database automatically after unplugging. Also it is sold at reasonable prices. I would only have wished that the battery life was as unbelievable as with the U2, but for a price around 100 Euros you can’t expect everything.

So if you look for a shiny new audio player and don’t want to buy iAudio, Meizu is another good option.

10 thoughts on “Meizu M3: Linux compatible MP3/Ogg player”

  1. I have a M6, its a brilliant player, It supports all the usual suspects, like Ogg, and such, and also plays videos and has support for xvid videos.

    If you check there are loads of scripts and such for linux that will auto convert videos into a decent aspect ratio and frame rate, also a good place to get new themes and icons.

    Never had a problem with my M6 =]

  2. I own a Cowon D2.
    It’s probably the buggiest-non-M$ thing I have never seen but sound is really great.
    I also use Ogg Vorbis (quality 7) 😉
    All linux users that own a Meizu player told they are happy with it 😉

  3. Just don’t buy MTP players if you want to use them with linux. UMS players are easier to use than MTP (as easy as dragging and dropping files, idk why people insist on media player software to sync with a player…it’s totally unnecessary) and should work with any operating system. I’m not surprised that the meizu m8 does work in linux. If it’s UMS capable don’t be surprised and rather just do a review about the mp3 player instead. I have a meizu m6, as soon as i found out it does UMS i bought it and knew it would work because it’s just going to pop up like mobile storage like any other usb thumb drive would.

  4. Shamil, I don’t get your point. The device I bought is a UMS player. Besides, using MTP players with Linux is indeed possible, every newer distribution ships with the necessary tools.

    But I don’t know anything about the M8, so I can’t say anything about that.

  5. LOl, it’s trendy to talk about portable audio player on “planet kde”. 🙂

    I spoke about a my newly fresh player, an iRiver E100 (less than 80€ for 2Go)
    just here

    As i was also looking for a player ogg capable and linux compatible and as i found it, i wished to share it with you.

  6. Does it remember playback position? Should be the first thing to come to mind for a podcast listener.

  7. someone: If I shut down the thing and restart it it does remember the position, so it should be sufficient for a podcast listener.

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