Short Tip: Real web page zoom in KDE 4’s Konqueror

In Konqueror the font in web pages could always be increased directly by pressing Ctrl and move the mouse wheel. But since it just increased the font size, not the graphics size, and therefore destroyed the layout of the web pages totally.

With KDE 4 this behaviour has changed: the images are now zoomed as well, so the entire layout is kept and showed to the viewers as expected.

This is one of the smaller hints you do not know until someone tells you 😉


11 thoughts on “Short Tip: Real web page zoom in KDE 4’s Konqueror”

  1. Yeah, this is indeed a very nice feature, and I didn’t know this until someone on the dot mentioned this 😉

  2. Actually I don’t like this, I’d rather zoom like in KDE3.5’ Konqueror or even better Opera. But I’m sure I can rebind Ctrl+Mousewheel to changing font size only. Another problem (at least when I tried it in KDE4.0) is that it’s pixel based and that fonts get unsharp.

  3. I hope that ctrl+wheel is for font and other, exp, ctrl+shift+wheel is for zoom. Because on most sites, font itself is too small or too huge and I want it smaller/bigger, not graphics…..

  4. @Anonymous you mean catching up with Opera. :p
    Hmm I’m using KDE 4 trunk from time to time but did not spot that feature, so thanks for posting about it. 🙂

  5. This feature SUCKS. Not only does the zoom take longer to be rendered now, the worst part is that page width changes on nearly every page, forcing me to do horizontal scroll (ugh!) and, to add insult to injury, links buttons and other form inputs are unclickable if the zoom is over 100%.

    Thanks, but no thanks. Please rebind my mousewheel+control to the actions that the VIEW MENU -> ZOOM have. Those work correctly by increasing just the font size without wrecking the page or affordable interaction elements.

  6. Rudd-O,
    you totally misunderstood the idea behind the feature: of course there is a width change – that is the entire idea of that feature! Because it *zooms*, which means it must enlarge every piece in the same ratio in ehigth and width. Increasing the font size has little to do with zoom and should be, correctly called “font increase”.

    However, about the un-clickable buttons and forms, it might be worth it to fill a bug report.

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