KDE SOC projects published

The list of the Google Summer of Code projects for KDE was published. The list has several interesting entries to make the life for KDE users much easier.

The results for this year’s Google Summer of Code are out, and several KDE ideas were picked up.

Going through the list I found some items which immediately rouse my interest:

Of course this is just a small list of the accepted applications – and an accepted application doesn’t necessarily mean that the project will be a success. Additionally, this year the process around the applications and slots wasn’t perfect, but maybe the KDE e.V. can step up there to make the rejected projects possible nevertheless?
An idea would be to collect money through the KDE e.V. to sponsor other applicants, given that KDE finds their applications worth a try. I would be willing to donate some money for a stand-alone, KDE integrated browser based on WebKit, for general video input device support in Phonon or for a full featured Sonnet.


4 thoughts on “KDE SOC projects published”

  1. Sure, money is nice, but i’m sure that there would be quite a few students that would try to make their project if there was some kind of motivation. Perhaps a special event for the rejected, to get things started? If only 10% of the rejected tried to make their project, it would be great

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