Fedora packages update: Ktorrent, Speedcrunch

The package speedcrunch was updated to its newest version 0.10 for all current Fedora versions including several new features. At the same time, ktorrent for KDE 4 got a bugfix update.

I’ve got some free time and used it to update two of the packages I currently maintain for the Fedora project:
Ktorrent got a bugfix update to 3.0.1. However, this version will not be shipped with Fedora 9 since the feature freeze is already there. Instead, the new package will be provided as an update. Btw., I’m really looking forward to see how well Fedora 9 will perform, and how well it will work with KDE 4.

The more interesting update is the one of speedcrunch from version 0.9 to 0.10. The new version features, among other things:

  • several new functions like MOD, GAMMA, etc.
  • a new math book browser to view information about common math objects like a cone, a circle or similar things; i hope to see more information about important functions there in the future
  • coloured syntax highlighting
  • RTL support
  • session support
  • tray icon context menu

This small calculator is powerful and useful – and simply to use. If you want to give it a try, download the packages for Fedora 7 or Fedora 8. If you test them please also leave a note at the update pages so that they can be pushed to updates faster.

In case you wonder why it took so long to update the packages: I had only limited time due to real life. And since the speedcrunch update is an enhancement anyway and the ktorrent package only affects rawhide, there was no real need to update them.


5 thoughts on “Fedora packages update: Ktorrent, Speedcrunch”

  1. The KTorrent update is a bugfix update, so I think you should be able to get it tagged f9-final by asking rel-eng nicely (and in fact I think you should ask, we want bugfixes to get into F9 if possible).

    You can even try sneaking SpeedCrunch 0.10 in, but rel-eng might be stricter there because it’s a feature upgrade. On the other hand, as far as I know, it’s not part of a spin (unlike KTorrent which is on the KDE spin). Rel-eng is less strict with enforcing freezes for packages which aren’t part of a spin.

  2. Speed crunch has a system tray icon?

    Does anyone know why, its not something you would keep running in the background so just adds to clutter down there.

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