Experimental Qt 4.4-rc1 packages for Fedora 8 [2. Update]

I’ve built highly experimental Qt 4.4-rc1 packages for Fedora 8. They are for testing purposes and not meant for any kind of real usage. The packages have been built with the OpenSuse Build Service.

Thanks to the original qt-4.3 rpm spec file (hi than, rex) for Fedora 8 I was able to derive a spec file for Qt 4.4-rc1. I had to make some changes, and as a result the quality of the spec file is rather poor – but in the end the spec worked.

The bigger problem was however to have the power to make so many rebuilds until I figured out how the spec should look like. Here the OpenSuse Build Service came to the rescue. It supports various Fedora versions and also allows package builders to experiment in their local directory – and that was exactly what I did. Besides, the OBS has more than a hundred machines to build the packages, so it never takes too long until some host starts building. And the hosts are quite powerfull.
Yes, I do like the OBS pretty much 😉

The result is available here (only i586 right now). There is even a repo-file, but you shouldn’t use it: I’m not planning to improve these packages on my own or to deliver updates. Actually you should not use the packages on any serious system: they are experimental and not meant to be used to really replace anything. Btw., since Qt 4.4 comes with the WebKit engine you might want to remove WebKit-qt-devel before updating the system with my packages.

Anyway, after you’ve installed the new packages you can have a look at the new Qt 4.4 demos: start /usr/bin/qtdemo-qt4 and explore all the new Qt 4.4 goodies.

Qt-Demo application

There you will also find the main reason I wanted to have a look at the current Qt 4.4: the Qt-WebKit demo browser which was recently mentioned by Benjamin Meyer (go to Demos -> Browser).

Qt WebKit demo browser

Of course this is just a technical demonstration – the browser does not incorporate flash support, does not support all the ususal key shortcuts, kwallet support, etc. But the idea is not to provide a full blown browser but to show that the engine is actually working and can easily be used inside a browser.
And to be honest the browser is already working quite nice considering it is just a technical demo: I wrote the article from within the demo browser. It even supports the rich text editing field in WordPress’ text input field which is a quite important issue for many users.

The next step I would appreciate is a stand-alone browser on top of it. Not to replace Konqueror/KHTML but to provide an alternative (for further information read the article “Browser Wars – Reloaded”). Let’s see what happens when Qt 4.4 will be shipped to all KDE desktops out there.

The x86_64 packages are now available as well.

2. Update:
I’ve updated the package spec file to the one found in the current Fedora rawhide repo. This means that the packages are much saner now.

9 thoughts on “Experimental Qt 4.4-rc1 packages for Fedora 8 [2. Update]”

  1. Thx for pointing out – I haven’t checked for an update the last days. But devel is rawhide, and I was looking for Fedora 8 packages anyway. 🙂

  2. I think its not entirely correct to call an RC “highly experimental” thats a label better suited for an alpha or beta.
    RC means its something that passed the Q.A. testing and is release-ready. Its not a release yet as experience shows that more eyeballs show more bugs. So, please do regard this as a quality release and please do report any problems you find with it. Especially things that could be called showstoppers.


  3. Kevin, does that mean that qt-4.4 will be shipped only with Fedora versions > Fedora 9?
    I would have expected to see an update shortly after qt 4.4 is released.

  4. What shortcuts did you find missing? I tried to add most of the shortcuts that people use day to day. There was one bug in the rc where the next and previous tab shortcuts where not enabled until you clicked on the Window menu.

  5. As far as I remember, one of the two “focus on address field” shortcuts were missing: either F6 (focus on address field with marking the content) or Ctrl+L (focus on address field with deleting the content).

  6. Thomas, your post was captured by the spma filter, so my answer is a bit late and I’m sorry for that.
    Anyway, the point of “highly experimental” was that not the software is experimental, but the packages. The spec for the the rpms was just put together quickly without further testing.

    So of course Qt 4.4 RC is of high quiality and is indeed a release candidate. But the packages provided here should not be used in a productive system right now – although since the second update it’s not that bad anymore, I think.

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