Phoronix Test Suite released

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The Linux hardware portal Phoronix released the first version of their new hardware benchmark suite “Phoronix Test Suite”. While the test suite is still in an early development state it already delivers promising results.

Benchmarking is always a bit tricky under Linux. While there are many well known and established Benchmark suites available for Windows, there are hardly any comparable solutions available for Linux. And no solution is really wide spread and accepted.

However, the well known Linux hardware page Phoronix tested and benchmarked hardware for years. And now the group behind the project decided to put all this experience together to build a real benchmark suite for Linux, the Phoronix Test Suite.

Currently, the test suite is in an early development state: there is no gui yet, the software is only available as a tar.gz file and the dependencies (on Fedora for example php-bcmath and php-cli) are not really documented. Additionally, the test suite downloads all necessary software for the tests and compiles the software itself locally. That means you do need quite some disk space (more than 1.5 GB) even if some of the software (like the game Nexuiz, mplayer or lame) is already installed. This is unfortunately necessary because it is the only way to guarantee that the results are truly comparable, and that no compile flags or distribution specific patches taint them.

But despite these shortcomings the test suite is already usable and can deliver interesting results: this test shows the audio-encoding test I did with my current machine. As you can see, there are not only the benchmark data themselves, but also the data of my machine. (And yes, this is a slow machine, and yes, I want to have a new one 😉 ). The suite does not only benchmark the audio encoding speed, but also compilation speed and the graphics power. All different tests can be run independend from each other or combined. A full test (“universe”) is shown here.

It can be expeceted that future versions of the test suite will include more tests and more information about the tested system. For example, the universe test shown above does not include ethernet tests or information about the used graphics drivers. But this is likely just a question of time.


3 thoughts on “Phoronix Test Suite released”

  1. Hey there,

    nice to see the test suite. I just completed assembling a new rig for myself (, wish this one was available when I had the older one, so that I can do a comparison. Still, once I am through with overclocking the new rig, I will run the tests and post the results.

    BTW, please update the link address to my blog :-p

    I will be getting in touch with you soon bu e-mail, wanted to talk about something.

  2. Hi, I’ve updated the link to the new blog – btw., nice one!

    And nice machine, I really like that – I would like to have one of those, but unfortunately I had to buy a new laptop in these days…

    You have my e-mail, just sent me a note. But be aware that I’m still in my exams and it might take a while until I answer (although I have the largest part behind me now).

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