fsdaily.com – a digg-like portal for Free and Open Source Software

VirtualBox for OpenSolaris hosts available - FreeBSD soon?
Recently I stumpled on the project fsdaily.com. It is a digg.com-clone but is focused on Free and Open Source Software. While the community seems to be rather small yet it might be an interesting news source in the future.

When I came across fsdaily.com I noticed an interesting piece of news about future EU plans to buy more Open Source software. It caught my eye because I hadn’t read that anywhere else at that time. Therefore I had a deeper look at fsdaily.com, and must say that it looks rather nice.

The more important question however is if it will suffer the same problems as digg.com. While I loved digg.com when I first discovered it I dropped it some months later due to quite some disappointments: digg is, after all, just a place for the masses. So the relevance is also defined by the masses. And well, the masses love sport, glittering things and naked skin. The equivalent in the software world might be iPods, themes and desktop screenshots. That’s ok for the masses, but as a result digg.com is just not the place if you want to get decent information or want to follow technological development.

That however might be the case with fsdaily.com – although I must admit that even the FLOSS world might have it’s equivalent for sport, glittering and naked skin in the form of a dozen hot flame wars. But at the moment the situation looks rather calm, and due to the specialized focus I think the topics will stay more technique related and really interesting than just glittering.

Also since it is still a quite small project, you can still influence it quite a lot with just a couple of people. So where is the next Commit Digest? In the end it’s the community which decides which news are interesting.


5 thoughts on “fsdaily.com – a digg-like portal for Free and Open Source Software”

  1. Free Software Daily is definitely a nice website. The staff of Free Software Magazine did an excellent job it putting together.

    I have been a member there for a long time and don’t see myself leaving anytime soon.

  2. I like Digg because of all the amazing content there is if you look hard enough, but yes, it does suffer from being too popular. Everyone’s front page is exactly the same, and there are just too many people. Your opinion gets drowned out, and you don’t really get to see what you want to see.

    I have found coRank ( http://www.corank.com/ and http://www.corank.com/corank.html ) to be much better. Instead of friends, you can choose your own “sources”. Your front page is different from everyone else’s, letting you choose not just the people who make it there, but also the categories to which they submit.

    Unfortunately, the site is not very popular, and a lot of the good stuff that makes Digg never makes it to the original coRank site (second link).

  3. First of all, thanks for checking us out and we’re glad you like what you see.

    We created fsdaily for the very reasons you cite. Personally, I thought digg was going to become tabloid from the moment they expanded their sections beyond technology to achieve a wider audience. Niche audiences (like the free software community) were obviously going to start getting drowned out by popular (and very often misinformed) opinions. We realised that we needed a digg for our own niche audience.

    Liquidat: To address your concerns about whether we will go down the same path as digg:

    a) we won’t broaden into other areas of news. WYSIWY(are gonna)G!

    b) the site is based on free software (drupal and drigg) which means the community can aid us in creating tools that prevent gaming and other problems that are/have been associated with digg.

    c) we are open to suggestions. Feedback is welcome to staff AT fsdaily DOT com.

    d) we won’t sell out… you’ll just have to take our word on that. We have a very small team who are all non-materialistic and don’t need/want more money than we already have. As long as we make enough to keep the site going, we are happy.

    Moparx: thanks for your participation in the FSD community. It is appreciated.

    jrick: in the future we plan to work on features that will allow the user to configure their own personal page in FSDaily that shows them the news from sections or relating to tags they select.

    FLT: I don’t know what we can do about flame wars. We haven’t had any yet and, hopefully, our audience will remain mature enough to mod flamers down and otherwise ignore them. If not, I hope that, with the community’s help, we can come up with some tools to prevent this from spoiling the site.

    Thanks again and all the best

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