Small Goodies: controll your KDE with a Sony Ericsson mobile phone

controll your KDE with a Sony Ericsson mobile phone
At there is a little KDE package available for Sony Ericsson mobile phones which enable the user to control different (KDE) applications via the mobile phone. It works like a charm and is easy to set up.

Most Sony Ericsson mobile phones with bluetooth offer the option to control the computer via bluetooth – this works basically and can come in handy in case of presentations or similar things. However, the standard profiles delivered with the mobile phone are first of all very basic and second not in every situation compatible with Linux applications.

However, it is possible to load custom profiles to the phone, and H1bakusha has created a set of profiles for different apps – among them Kaffeine, Amarok, VLC and OOo Impress. And they just work: after uploading them to mobile phone it detects them automatically as new profiles and imports them. Afterwards the profiles can be accessed like any other bluetooth control profile.
But before you start you have to confirm the access first: this can be done easily with the kdebluetooth framework (which is part of Fedora and most other distributions, I guess). Start it, and you are automatically asked if the application is allowed to access the system. If you agree you are able to control your media application via your mobile phone. And your KDE-Desktop as well, since there is also a “Desktop” profile.
Thanks for the work, H1bakusha!

I now just wonder what the state of KDE-Bluetooth for KDE 4 is. I never heard of any attempts to port the framework, but I would really miss it in KDE 4. Additionally the framework could be enhanced by the use of Plasmoids: think of a Plasmoid where you can just drag&drop files too to send them via bluetooth to a certain device, or a Plasmoid which would show incoming files until you drag&drop them to somewhere else.


7 thoughts on “Small Goodies: controll your KDE with a Sony Ericsson mobile phone”

  1. remote controlling trhough bluez and kbluetooth is very nice feature, would be very nice to have kbluetooth well integrated in kde4

  2. I have a sony ericsson and i was happy to see that even the kdebluetooth of kde3 works on KDE4 of Fedora rawhide 🙂

  3. My point is that they do not work as good in Linux/X/KDE as they do in Windows.

    I wish I could have the programmability and smoothness of movement that Logitech’s Windows drivers gives.

    Logitech and Kensington supplies wonderful drivers for Windows and MacOS.

    The division of Linux, X, KDE is to blame of course.

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