VirtualBox with seamless integration on MacOS X hosts

VirtualBox with seamless integration on Mac OS X hosts
Innotek released a new VirtualBox Beta of its Mac OS X version featuring seamlesss integration.

The new version was announced yesterday:

innotek today released an updated beta of VirtualBox for OS X, marking yet another important milestone to the completion of the OS X version. The new version sports seamless guest support and live dock tiles as well as numerous improvements and bug fixes. It goes without saying that it runs on the most recent version of OS X (Leopard).

The seamless integration is not a new feature in VirtualBox in general – it was introduced for the Windows and Linux client September last year. Additionally, VMWare and Parallels already offered seamless integration of Windows into Mac OS X with their virtual machine solutions. And, btw., VMWare is about to introduce seamless integration for Linux hosts as well.

However, VirtualBox – which is (except for some features) available under an Open Source licence – was still missing this feature until now. Hopefully this will help VirtualBox to gain an even larger user base. Especially in large computer deployments a single virtual machine software for different operating systems supporting seamless integration could make it much easier to introduce new software to the client machines.
Additionally the new Mac OS version might also be a sign to expect a new VirtualBox for Windows and Linux in the not too distant future.

The only thing missing for me now is a dual core machine to really take advantage of a virtual machine.


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