1 Million hits

This blog passed the mark of 1 Million hits. Thanks everyone out there!

1 000 000 – that’s more than I ever expected. And for this kind of blog it is quite a lot. I never expected that. But of course I’m very happy: the blog entertains me, helps others and is the reason why others recognize me.

But I like numbers a lot, so here are some statistics:
It took me roughly 600 days from my first post here at WordPress until today to reach that number – this means an average of 1 600 readers. But of course the number of my readers increased over time, so here more accurate numbers:

  • It took me seven month to get the first 100 000 page views, which makes an average of 480 readers a day. The best day ever had 1 673 views at that time.
  • Three month later this blog crossed the 200 000 mark, having more than 1 000 views each day. The best day had already 6 375 clicks.
  • The 300 000th view came in when I was not around, so there is no official blog post about it. But that one was special anyway because due to the digg effect I needed only a bit more than a month to reach that mark – 3 000 readers a day was quite a lot at that time. The best day ever was at 32 933 at that time.
  • Last but not least there was the 500 000 border three month later which equals to roughly 2 200 views a day. The best day ever was still the same, 32 933.

And of course this day, five and a half months later, has its own statistics: my best day ever has exactly (!) 74,000 views (yes, people like screenshot tours), and the statistics are jumping quite a lot so it is hard to determine an average. But technically I got roughly 3 000 views a day since the last mark. Not bad. Also, at this point I posted 631 posts and got 2762 comments.
But anyway, these are just plain numbers, so don’t take them to serious – I also droppped in some statistics: Technorati lists me at 28k at the moment while I was already below the 20k line once. But there is not the time to post daily atm… :/

Besides the statistics, this (entire) blog is now also listed on Planet KDE which brings me some more readers every day, together with the Fedora section of this blog which is listed on Planet Fedora. Hello out there!

As a side note, a friend of mine found out about my blog just today by accident. We realized that we simply never talked about it although we both are interested in computers. Live is funny.

Enough about this blog and dumb numbers, holidays are close and everyone is busy organizing stuff anyways. So I’m just left with a big Thank You to you readers and supporting people – have nice holidays! πŸ™‚

15 thoughts on “1 Million hits”

  1. Congratulations! I wonder, how long it will take to the next million readers. I figure you can do it in under one year if you keep the great work up. Might become even more with your offline-publications and upcoming presentations (I hope you’ll do some).

  2. Diego, I’m not sure what you mean – what is wrong with the current RSS feeds?

    red: Time will tell. Statistically I should only need roughly 300 days for the next million, but since I have no idea what comes next in my life I can’t say anything about that πŸ™‚

  3. I think diego is wondering about the statistics, ie: how many times has your feed been downloaded. It’s not quite as accurate as hits, but would be an interesting stat too πŸ™‚

  4. Another Congratulations to you within a weeks period πŸ™‚
    I am definitely a BIG contributor for this stat …. ain’t I.

    Mine is standing @ 2.59mil for now … :-p

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