Short Tip: Add Plasma widgets to the panel in KDE 4

Add Plasma widgets to the panel in KDE 4
Several recent KDE 4 snapshots show Plasma widgets embedded into the panel. However, it was never really mentioned how exactly these widgets can be added to the panel. If the user tries to drag the widgets from the desktop to the panel that won’t work: instead, the widget will disappear behind the panel.
The right way to add widgets to the panel is:

Drag the widget directly from the Plasma widget browser to the panel and drop it there.

That just works. However, some widgets are not yet ready for a problem-free panel integration, so the panel might get screwed up – but a simple right click on the problematic widget gives you the option to remove it again.

19 thoughts on “Short Tip: Add Plasma widgets to the panel in KDE 4”

  1. Ah so THAT’S is how you add plasmoids to the panel… thanks for the tip. Just wondering: can we expect support for just dragging the plasmoids from the desktop to the panel in time for 4.0 or will it probably be 4.1? If that feature isn’t ready for 4.0 isn’t it a nice idea to also add an “add an applet” entry in the right click menu of the panel which directly adds the plasmoid to the panel instead of the desktop?

    Thanks for all the great work you KDE people are doing on KDE4! It’s really appreciated!

  2. Maybe you could introduce a “magetic handle” (no clue if it is called that way …).

    So if you drag a widget from the Desktop to the panel it automatically gets added, if you keep draging it though you could add it behind the panel – for whatever reason.

  3. How about panel config options? Really miss that, for altering things such as size color, etc… The interface could also house a list of wich plasmoids are at the panel.

  4. I’m sure you already tought to this usability enhancement but still (to have a confirmation):

    – Either add two buttons in the Applet Browser: [Add to Panel] [Add to Desktop]
    – Or when doing a right click on the dektop or the panel, remember where the click originated and when clicking [Add] in the dialog, add it to the desktop if the original right click was on the desktop, or the panel otherwise

    Even when drag and drop between panel and desktop are implemented, one of those two solutions should be applied. People are not used to the power of Plasma, and won’t immediately think to drag the applet arround if it’s not inserted where they wanted.

  5. If you completely screw the panel up as I did the other day you can either edit or remove ~/kde4/share/config/plasma-aplpetsrc

    hope that helps someone 🙂

  6. pinda, I’m not sure if that will be implemented with KDE 4.0 or will have to wait until KDE 4.1. We have to see, I guess.

    Sébastien, if you want to make sure that this is read you might want to fill a wish/bug report against it 🙂

    Charles: since it is only a test system, rm -rf ~/.kde4 does the job 😉

  7. Jinesh: I’m not entirely sure here, I think it is more a container for Plasmoids. Best is to ask some of the devs about the real specifications behind that.

  8. Yea I figured out how to add the Pager to the Panel, but it messed up the layout. But restarting the KDE session restored it and now it sits there nicely.

    KDE4 is starting to look really good!

  9. the panel is a containment, and all containments are applets, so in a way it’s a special sort of plasmoid 🙂 the plan is that if someone comes up with some other cool way of doing panels, they could package that up and anyone could add it… but the code needed for that hasn’t arrived yet 🙂 this flexibility is part of the reason there’s no “add to panel” button – being confined to one set panel is just a temporary situation here. I do hope someone comes up with a non-drag&drop way to add stuff to a panel, though.

    as for drag&drop between containments: not sure. someone was doing some work on that. haven’t heard anything lately.

  10. Does somebody know how to rearrange the widgets on the panel? Mine stick to the left and I cannot figure out how to move them…

  11. Phew! I was lucky to find that direction. My panel got completely screwed up. It seems there are many flaws introduced with Plasma. Apart from that, for instance:
    -one can not choose the horizontal placement of the icons in the taskbar
    -the suspend/shutdown button does not show the correct icons when sticked to the task bar
    -when a user clicks the red “minus” icon for a widget, it will be removed from both the desktop AND the task bar.
    I think this kind of software should not be published until it is mature enough and has get rid of those trivial defects, users would be grateful not to be treated as cobayas…

  12. Alfonso, please be aware that this is a quite old blog post. Post your concerns please at the KDE bugzilla, otherwise no one except will read them here, I guess.

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