Klik2 RC to be around in February 2008

Klik2 RC to be around in February 2008
The Klik project plans to release the new klik2 RC in February next year. Among other technical improvements the new version will feature a new mount mechanism and simpler dependencies.

Klik2 basics

The first test version of klik2 was released in August this year by the klik project and featured the new mount mechanism based on FUSE instead of the old loop mounts. FUSE will make it possible to mount as many images as the user wants instead of a number which have to compiled into the kernel. Additionally klik2 will not any longer require X to run a GUI but will run on the command line as well.
In September the klik2 project released a first screencast of a new Gnome GUI interface of klik2. ALso it was announced that klik2 will run on any distribution which is LSB compliant, which should be most distributions. While the old klik was targeting on deb distributions mainly klik2 will be fully distribution agnostic.

Since the new klik2 packages can be generated from unmodified rpm or deb packages with the help of specific recipes it should be fairly easy to provide a large database of klik2 packages for all distributions without the need to worry about incompatibilities. As an example I asked if I could use my Fedora packages to produce klik2 versions out of them – the answer was promising:

To answer you question yes klik2 can use your RPMS ! As a bonus your rpms will then work on just about any modern linux
desktop distro including Debian based ones
You just need to write a simple recipe telling klik which rpms to use.

As a result it will also become much easier to spread packages of Beta software on Linux: the developer will only have to build one proper package for the distribution of his/her own choice (and complying with the Freedesktop menu spec). Afterwards, klik2 will take care of the rest.

However, it should be clear that Klik2 does not aim at system libraries or services – things like X and the basic libraries should already be there!

The upcoming release

In November the project mentioned the February as a possible release date. I asked back to confirm this and was told that indeed a release candidate can be expacted by that date:

> There is just one question left:
> Is 23 February 2008 a final release or a Beta/RC release?
At this point I’d say an RC

We will release the final when its finished 😉

I’m looking forward to test-build some beta versions of applications to see how well this works out.


3 thoughts on “Klik2 RC to be around in February 2008”

  1. Does this mean that there has to be a seperate version 4 a qt front end/qt4 front end/gtk front end. Looking forward to a solution to a problem that has been going on far too long.

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