Btrfs 0.9 released

Btrfs 0.9 released
Btrfs was released in version 0.9. The project also published a roadmap to list the aims and time frames of the project.

The new version 0.9 of Btrfs was announced earlier this month. One of the most notable new features – among various bugfixes and small improvements – is the introduction of basic support for xattributes. While ACLs are not yet supported they are planned for the near future.
However, this version is still alpha code, and should not be used in a production environment at all. This is not only due to the fact that the file format will most certainly change several times from know on until the final release, but also due to such bugs as the “end of space” crashes.

Additionally to the new version there is also a new timeline available: it covers future plans and lists planned features. Two interesting examples are “Storage Pools allowing the FS to span multiple devices.” and “Per-directory snapshots”. It will certainly take months to implement all these features and improve the performance of the file system to an acceptable value (at the moment database performance is a serious problem). But looking at the features it will be worth waiting.
In the meantime the interested user can have a look at the published design information.


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