Short Tip: Use bluetooth mobile phone as a mouse/pointer

Use bluetooth mobile phone as a mouse/pointer
Most mobile phones today support bluetooth and can be used as a bluetooth remote. Given that the bluetooth runs without problems this can easily be activated: just identify the hardware address of your mobile phone and connect to it:

$ hcitool scan
Scanning ...
        00:2E:15:D3:59:21       MyPhone
$ hidd --connect 00:2E:15:D3:59:21

Unfortunately this has to be done as root (at least here on Fedora 8), but after these lines have been entered the phone should offer the option to accept the connection and probably also asks which kind of service (desktop control, presentation control, media player control, etc.) it should deliver.

10 thoughts on “Short Tip: Use bluetooth mobile phone as a mouse/pointer”

  1. Clint, thanks for the tip but I use KDE and I’m not sure if that supports the hidd-connect as well (haven’t tested yet).

    ignacio: I don’t have a list of working mobile phones, so it might be that some support it and some don’t. Especially older ones might not support that at all…

  2. In newer Version of the BluZ utilities there is no more hidd build by default. The developers switched over to a D-BUS based architecture, which is a little bit more complicated to set up.

  3. furanku: Which is the first stable version that does not provide the hidd function anymore? And how is the syntax to access the function afterwards via DBUS?

  4. Hi liquidat!

    I recently tried to connect my phone via bluetooth to my laptop and I always stumble when my phone asks a password or something like that. It’s a Sony Ericsson k610i and I really dunno what it requires… Do you possibly have an idea?

  5. Thanks for this, it works on my ericsson.

    When it asks you for a password, just make one up on the phone, then you will need to retype the password on your computer to authenticate it.

  6. Milian, as DR said this is a password which you can create at that moment yourself – you just have to input it on both machines (mobile phone and PC) in the same way.

  7. `hidd` doesn’t ask me for a PW and my phone immediatly fails when I insert some random pw.

    Maybe there is already a PW specified? If so, I’d have to reset it (or somehow show it).

    Or I’ll have to update the firmware of my Ericsson…

    Thanks for the answers though.

  8. Milian, you’re right, hidd shouldn’t ask for a pw. Try something else: use your GNOME/KDE bluetooth tool to transfer files and do this with some image or something. If that works (you might be asked for a password at that stage), try the hidd command again.

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