Short Tip: Using Timidity to play midi files

Using Timidity to play midi files
Often enough it happens that I have to play some midi-files. Unfortunately, my Fedora system never was and still is not ready for midi out of the box. This might partially be due to the fact that I have a on-board soundcard with no own wave table synthesizer.

Anyway, one way to solve the problem is to use timidity++ as a an ALSA midi synthesizer. This can be done with the command:

timidity -iA

Timidity now runs in the background as a “midi sound daemon”. Afterwards, start your midi program (like kmid) and choose the new ALSA timidity devices as output. Everything should work now.


5 thoughts on “Short Tip: Using Timidity to play midi files”

  1. I must admit I like the idea of midi a lot better than the idea of ogg.

    Ogg is the sound, but midi is the source file. I just we had a more robust and flexible midi-like format and handling system, you know, for multiple track + midi files to be composed by one’s system in real time at any desired sampling rate.

    Performance hit? Sure. I’ll take it anyway.

  2. Scoot, I originally wanted to include that flag as well, but had to realize that the Fedora version of timidity is not compiled with Ogg output support – I have no idea why.

    ethana2, midi and Ogg are two totally different things, so its even hard to compare them. But in case you are looking for a midi repository: Wikipedia has many songs.

  3. Tried out your tip today, but at least when playing back with aplaymidi the timing got a little screwy, while timitdity -Os playing the file directly sounded much better. Dunno if that’s the fault of aplaymidi or something else though.

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