Smolt passes the 200k entries mark

Smolt passes the 200k entries markThe hardware data collection tool Smolt passed the 200.000 mark.

Smolt, the distribution independent hardware data collection tool reached another mile stone: it passed the 200.000 entries mark. Almost all machines are still Fedora machines by now since other distributions haven’t picked up the tool – yet. Fedora 8 has until now less than 8k entries and the release didn’t seem to leave a step or spike in the data collection which means that Fedora has a constantly growing user base quite independent from distribution releases. At the same time more and more entries can be found in the Hardware Wiki which has been introduced a month ago.

While the new mile stone is important and good news the the real push for Smolt is still missing: at the moment no other larger distribution besides Fedora has started using Smolt by default. But that could change in the future since the Smolt team is already providing prepackaged clients for other distributions and discusses with them the inclusion by default.

A last word about the current hardware statistics themselves: it looks like that there are more and more Dual Core machines out there. The number of Single Core machines is shrinking day by day and will soon pass the 50% mark. At the same time the number of VMWare installations stays roughly constant with a few less than 10%.


9 thoughts on “Smolt passes the 200k entries mark”

  1. Single core is dead. Starting next year Intel will sell ONLY multicore chips. Even Celerons will be dual-core.

    Linus predicted “SMP will be commodity soon” few years ago. He was right.

  2. You mentioned VMware, but can smolt track Xen, KVM, and other virt offerings?

    Could be interesting.

    Then again, the virt statistic is somewhat meaningless as machines can be created and destroyed daily.

    (oooh, Smolt stat padding!)

  3. That all sounds really nice, but where can I get it for my distro (in my case Kubuntu Feisty)? I’d expect a big fat “download here” button on but there’s nothing. Also the wiki doesn’t feature any link and trac only has stuff for Fedora and SuSE. So where are the packages you talked about in your last post? 🙂

  4. @Michael: VMWare is only detected since the “Vendor” part has the string vmware. I don’t know if the other virtual machines set a string there.

    @Malte: I always wished for Ubuntu packages, but did I really say that there are some? I don’t find it right now.
    Anyway, I’m quite sure that the Smolt crew already thought about Ubuntu packages, maybe you can ask them if they have a bet version and if you can test it?

  5. @liquidat: I’m pretty sure I read somewhere a list like “hey, we’ve got packages for distro a b c now, d e f should follow shortly”. But I can’t find it again either 🙂 What I actually wanted to say is that if you want to spread smolt further, you (I think you’re part of the project?) should put a link to the packages right on the start page. I might join #smolt (if there’s such a chan on freenode) though and ask for a package.

  6. @Malte: I’m not a part of the project in the sense of code contribution, but I know that the developers do read the blog and do welcome the news I spread about the development.
    But the idea with the “Download” button sounds nice, I will try to leave a comment at the developers page.

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