KDE 4 Beta Videos

Jos Poortvliet has produced a set of videos showing some features fo the upcoming KDE 4. Until now the featured applications are some games, KTouch, Kalzium and Gwenview.

The Videos

Jos Poortvliet produced these videos running KDE 4 apps inside of a KDE 3 session. The KDE 4 session is a recent SVN checkout and therefore has some additional features compared to the rencetly released KDE 4 Beta 3.

The videos themselves are of average quality due to the flash-based hosting but still give a good impression of the feature richness and quality of the new KDE 4. And videos are just better than static images.

At the moment there are 7 new videos at Jos’ youtube page but chances are that he will upload more of them in the near future. Four of the videos show the KDE 4 games KMines, KMajongg, KAtomic and KSudoku:

Two other videos present the development in the educational areay, KTouch and Kalzium:

The last video presents the new features of Gwenview, KDE 4’s default image viewer. Compared to the KDE 3.x version Gwenview is now able to also crop images and has a subtle but clear way to inform the user that there are still unsaved changes.

Thanks to Jos for uploading these short videos and the permission to publish them here, it is a great way to show how KDE 4 shapes up.

Why so many Games and Educational Apps?

Some people might wonder why the focus is on educational apps and games while KDE 4 will have so much more to offer. There are several reasons:
First, other stuff like Plasma was already covered several times by others. There is no need to cover it yet again as long as there are no new features because everyone already knows it.
Second, many of the new features of KDE 4 are behind the scenes – Solid, Phonon, Qt4 are difficult to show because these improvements are about design and capabilites, not actual features.

And third, and that is connected to second, to show what KDE 4 can be capable of the best is to show the applications which use these new capabilities and implement new features using them. And as in real world this is best done with games because these are the applications which take frameworks and APIs (and often hardware, btw.) to their edges and beyond.
In a file manager it would be too distrcting if it would use all the blink which is possible now – in a game that is exactly what the users want to see.

6 thoughts on “KDE 4 Beta Videos”

  1. I’m really looking forward to KDE4. But I’m also a bit scared that the solutions copy too much of what I don’t like with windows.

    Looking at “KDE4, dolphin and animations”, the main working area of the application is so small and contains so little information, while the rest are borders and menues and previews and lot of secondary stuff.

    When the seoncdary stuff uses more space than the main working area, then there is something wrong with the application in my oppinion.

    Linux and KDE has a tradition for being configureable, and I feel secure that will continue in the future. But the development towards more similiarity with how Windows works do make me a little bit nervous.

  2. @Atle: the secondary stuff in Dolphin can be resized without a problem. Dolphin actually implements several features to make this easy and smotth. So don’t worry there.

    And btw., as a power user I totally agree with you and would be quite unpleasant if I couldn’t change the behaviour – in my real setup the menues and icons are as small as possible to have more space for the applications.

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