Third Linux Desktop Survey Announced

The Linux Foundation has announced it’s third annual Linux Desktop Survey. The Linux Foundation asks Companies, Institutions and individuals to take part in this survey to pinpoint user needs to focus the development in the Linux ecosystem.

The Linux Desktop Survey has already taken part 2005 (PDF, 340 kb) and 2006 (PDF, 870 kb) and is this year again offered by the Linux Desktop Workgroup of the Linux Foundation.

The idea of the surveys is to pinpoint the user needs in the Linux ecosystem and top focus the development more according to the needs of the userbase. Jim Zemlin, executive director at The Linux Foundation, said:

Past Linux Desktop Surveys allow us to capture the pulse of user need, which we can then use to guide our efforts.
These surveys also provide useful feedback to developers and vendors who are working on improving the Linux desktop. We expect this survey to continue this progress and look forward to hearing from Linux desktop users everywhere.

The survey itself does only take a couple of minutes and is available in several languages. But although the announcement says the survey also targets at individuals the entire survey is designed to be answered by people working as IT people in a company. There are hardly any questions targetted at private persons or even at people who work in a company without a deeper knowledge of the background IT. It would have been more productive to split the survey into one for private people with answers about the private live and the workplace and into another for IT system administrators who have detailed knowledge about the needs of the company/department they are working for.
Nevertheless the survey is the right step to gather more information about the otherwise quite unknown Linux userbase.

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