KDE 4.0 Beta 3 release tagging this Monday?

The KDE 4.0 Beta 3 release was shifted again – the tagging will be this Monday. If everything works out we will see KDE 4.0 Beta 3 this week.

The announcement from Allen about the delay also has some words about the reasons: the release team decided to have another “Binary Interface Changes” (BIC) day on Friday, 5 October. The BIC was necessary for a specific set of changes in kdelibs:

  • the new KConfig
  • KIO::JobFlags changes
  • kdeprint lib, kprint dialogs changes
  • KSSL changes (if there are any)
  • bugfixes
  • dox

The waiting was worth it: KConfig is now ready for different backends. Aso the printing dialog got enough love that it is working. There are no news on the list about the progress in the areas unfortunately.

There was also a set of changes planed for the BIC kdebase wise:

  • panel
  • kickoff
  • background/wallpaper

Again there are no information on the list about the progress of the work regarding these topics. However, at least regarding the menu Nuno Pinheiro posted some of his plans regarding the raptor menu. While I’m not sure if there is working code already it looks stunning.

In any way these lists remind me of the KDE 4.0 Beta 3 showstoppers list. While such a list must be out of date I wonder if there is still work to do which might shift the Beta release by another week. But even if so, it wouldn’t be to bad – the release party won’t take place before the next year and if there are necessary changes it is important to do them now instead of never or too late.


7 thoughts on “KDE 4.0 Beta 3 release tagging this Monday?”

  1. I think the showstoppers list is intended to apply to the final release or at best to the first RC release (i.e. moving out of beta), not to beta 3.

  2. In addition, 3.5.8 was scheduled to be tagged this monday. Not sure how fixed that date is.


  3. As far as I know, the showstoppers list does more or less point to beta 3 – at least, to the end of the bunch of beta’s.

    And that list is up to date, according to Toma…

  4. The “must be out of date” was more referring to the fact that changes are added after the changes have been done – and it was referring to my hope that there could be changes which are simply not yet added to that list.

    But if its up2date I wonder what will happen to Beta 3 – or if these showstoppers will be showstoppers for the first RC or the devel platform.

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