Showstoppers list for KDE’s 4.0 Beta 3 release

The KDE 4.0 Beta 3 release was shifted to October 10. Additionally the release team specified the KDE parts which have to be ready at the beta release date or which might otherwise be a showstopper.

Sebastian Kügler announced the new release date together with the Beta 3 Release Goals some days ago. The idea is to have a central place to collect information about the potentially troublesome areas within the KDE 4.0 development and also to discuss and draw attention to existing issues.

And while Dolphin is mostly in shape and the Plasma team already proved often enough that they are trustworthy, other areas might do need some more work. Printing for KDE 4.0 is one of these areas: there is not even an API yet decided for the new printing support, and of course the applications have to be ported to the new API once it is implemented. Cristian Tibirna also summarized the current state of KDE printing in his presentation (PDF, 180 kb) for this year’s OpenPrinting Summit in Montreal (which, btw., was from 24 till today): There were two projects dedicated to the new KDE printing system, but unfortunately the student which wanted to rework the GUI failed. At least the online driver loader was completed.
But there is also hope: Christian noted that there was more interest in this topic in the last weeks and that there is also the possibility to directly use the Qt infrastructure for the KDE 4.0 release. The major rework for the new GUI could be done afterwards for KDE 4.1.

Most of the other parts listed at the Beta 3 Release Goals page are interesting, but have active development groups behind them. Kate for example just got a shiny search dialog (I hope that one finds its way into kdelibs to become the main new search dialog for all programs). And the kde-pim team also mentioned often enough that they plan to release a kmail version for 4.0. I’m not totally sure what will happen to konqueror but I guess there are active developers as well.

The only thing I’m really missing so far is Kopete – it was never clearly stated if it will make it or not for KDE 4.0 and I wonder in what state it is. It would be a shame to have a KDE without Kopete.

Anyway, the list gives a pretty good overview about the state of the release-important parts of KDE and hopefully helps by addressing the last bits which are just not in shape yet. From the users point of view the list might lead to a Beta 3 release with all pieces in place and also working good enough to extensively test it. I’m looking forward to that!


9 thoughts on “Showstoppers list for KDE’s 4.0 Beta 3 release”

  1. Yes, Konqueror will be able to use QtWebKit. I am working on integrating it. In fact, here is a screenshot of konqueror rendering with QtWebKit right now:


    liquidat, can you please point to where it was mentioned that the kde-pim team would have kmail ready for 4.0? AFAIK, it is no where near beta quality…

  2. I love KDE, but it’s pretty crazy to see so much missing stuff this late in the game.

    I mention this because I will be doing some long-term installs next year (that’s the longest I can postpone them) and it will be sad that my users will be running KDE 3.5.7 for many years, due to the fact that KDE4 is not even in Alpha stage yet, by which I mean the whole kaboodle of applications that users who have been running KDE 3.5 expect to have around.

    I am sure that when KDE4 actually materializes in a meaningful way it will have laid the groundwork for a very successful desktop, but this transition is becoming quite painful for those of us that are in the trenches doing admin work and trying to promote KDE.

  3. @porcel

    I don’t know.. Yes it’s difficult in one sense, because KDE 3.5 has been out for a long time, while other environments make releases, but on the other hand, what’s wrong with it? It’s still the most functional desktop on any platform.

    I’m excited for KDE 4, but there’s nothing critically wrong with 3.5.7 in the meantime as far as I can tell.

  4. SF, I’m not sure what you mean, but you might want to post a bug report about it.

    Rafael: You’re right, but Kopete was always included with the beta releases. Plus, today I read we might see it in KDE 4.0.

    manyoso: it was mentioned to me in IRC that they are going to ship it. The main disadvantage is that they plan to ship a pre-Akonadi version. But if it is really in such a bad shape you should better ask in #kontact on freenode.

    porcel, for long-time solutions the best would be to wait for KDE 4.1 because some library APIs will not stabilizes before that date (Plasma, Decibel, maybe even Phonon in parts, Akonadi, etc.). But it will be a tough decision to use KDE 3.5.7. Sadly KDE is developed by real developers and not by magic 😦 (even as it looks like that sometimes 😉 )
    However, one additional way would be to include KDE 4 base libraries. It will not give them the Plasma desktop, but the ability to run other KDE 4 apps. And that’s better than running KDE 3.5.7 only.

  5. Including the KDE 4 libraries is what we’re doing for Fedora 8 and Fedora 7 updates. For Fedora 9, we’ll have to look at the state KDE 4 will be in then. I hope we will be able to ship the full KDE 4 in F9, but of course not if it’s either completely unusable or annoyingly buggy.

    I can’t speak for other distributions of course.

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