Hello PlanetKDE!

Thanks to Chris my blog is now listed at PlanetKDE. Hello to everyone!

For those who don’t know me some words about me and my relation to KDE:
Most people do now me by my blog, /home/liquidat. There I cover all FLOSS-related topics but with a focus on KDE, Fedora and Linux. The type of posts range from simple news over reviews to analysis and of course comments. In this regard it might also happen that I cover a post made by a KDE developer on his/her blog just to report about the news. Simply ignore the duplication in such cases.

My contribution to KDE is at the moment mainly the reporting part mentioned above and some small work in the usual categories: a bit of techbase translation and techbase work here, a set of bug reports there and so on. I still wait for an opportunity to use my quite limited C/C++ skills to contribute, but until that unlikely event happens I will focus on news and reports.


6 thoughts on “Hello PlanetKDE!”

  1. Thanks for your support 🙂
    And yes, I will pretend the planet is not there, which will lead to one or the other strange duplication, but I think most people won’t mind 😉

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