KOffice 2 on Windows and KDE 4 themes

In a recent blog post Jaroslaw Staniek showed that the latest KOffice snapshot now compiles and runs on Microsoft Windows. Also Ivan Čukić created a new theme for Plasma and doing so showed that the current version of Plasma is themeable. Last but not least the first KDE 4 themes appeared on the net.

KOffice 2

While one of the big goals for KDE 4 is indeed to bring it to Windows there haven’t been to much posts and screenshots about that. It is very likely that the first, really stable version of KDE 4 for Windows will be KDE 4.1 or even KDE 4.2.
However, KOffice already runs basically. This was due to work done at the KDE-on-Windows meeting which took place recently in Berlin (no more infos yet, but I hope the Dot will cover it soon). I’m looking forward to first benchmarks of KOffice 2 running on Microsoft Windows because OpenOffice.Org is just slow. And if KOffice is faster and “lighter” it might become a serious solution for quite some people. This again could attract more developers helping out with KOffice. My hope is that in the end KOffice becomes a serious competitor to the other, existing solutions, even if its just in the case of small business and private use.

KDE 4 Themes

In other KDE 4 news Ivan Čukić showed that Plasma can be themed. In contrast to the ususual KDE 4 Plasma impressions his new Plasma theme is not black but white. Of course it can be argued if that is beautiful or not, but the fact alone that he was able to adjust the Plasma design to the design of his new blog is awesome already. I guess it is just a question of time until we see a “Plasma Themes” section on kde-look.org.

Speaking about themes and kde-look.org I realized some days ago that the first KDE 4 themes are coming up. Of course everyone is waiting for Oxygen and the great things the developers will produce, but in the end one of the great things of KDE is that you can modify it so much. And in this regard it is a very good sign that themes for KDE 4 appear: it shows that KDE 4 is real and already created the first bits of an ecosystem.
The KDE 4 theme section already shows a set of KDE 4 themes. Some of them are just mockups, but some are real. Also, famous themes like Polyester or QtCurve have created a first KDE 4 version and are just not listed there yet.

I hope that some of these great themes will be included with the KDE 4 final version. Most of the included standard themes of KDE 3 do look just old and 90ish, while Polyester and QtCurve are definitely two outstanding, great themes.

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