AMD/ATI news: Performance in September, AIGLX in October

Phoronix posted a set of articles dedicated to the next version of AMD’s (ATI’s) graphics drivers. According to their tests users can expect a massive performance boost this month and AIGLX and Kernel 2.6.23 fixes next month.

Over the last months the Linux driver development at AMD/ATI stagnated. In terms of features and support the free drivers finally left AMD/ATI behind and were only second in performance.

However, quite some time ago AMD had announced major improvements and according to Phoronix the time has come now: Phoronix was able to have a look at the new driver before its release and reports about the experiences the Phoronix team made. The leading article points out that there are major performance boosts almost everywhere, but also states that there is no support there yet for Kernel 2.6.23 or X.Org’s AIGLX. Howeve, both is announced/expected for next month. X.Org server 1.3 is already supported.

And indeed the perfromance comparisons show very impressive results and give hope that finally AMD created a new driver which got rid of the former lack of performance of the old drivers.

But the last article of this series about new drivers caught my attention even more: in the article “AMD: Accelerating Open-Source Drivers?” takes up again the rumor that AMD might release parts of its drivers Open Source. The Phoronix team just raises questions – but states in the sentence after these questions that they know exactly what AMD is going to do. Also, with the new driver release Phoronix shows yet again that they knew all the time what was going to happen. So they have trustworthy sources.

I would like to see some Open Source drivers from AMD, maybe setting up upon Mesa and working together with them.


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