Short Tip: Convert OGG screencasts to avi

In case you have an OGG video file for example from a screencast and want to convert it to a avi file for dailymotion or youtube all you have to do is:

mencoder video.ogg -ovc lavc -oac mp3lame -o video.avi

I am aware that there are better methods: you could specify more flags for probably better quality. But this is seldom necessary when you are about to host these videos on some online service.


13 thoughts on “Short Tip: Convert OGG screencasts to avi”

  1. If you have a nice one-liner using ffmpeg2theora I would be pleased to post it here.
    If you wonder about such short-tips: to be honest they are mainly for myself: I often forget these, and by posting them here I can find them pretty quickly.

  2. Well, ffmpeg2theora does the conversion in reverse, i.e. [almost] any format to Ogg Theora.
    The syntax is simple,
    ffmpeg2theora file.avi
    will generate file.ogg. I use it mostly to convert inefficiently-compressed MJPEG movies from my digicam.

  3. I also found this via google. I had such a hard time getting a program to work to do this for a few videos and all it takes is one line at the command line. Awesome.

  4. thanks a lot !
    Had to try to convert ogg to avi from windows. Googling with “conbert ogg avi” was a nigthmare, (found plenty non working free/shareware on windows, requiring different codecs) but just adding the simple world “linux” brought me right here to an easy solution 🙂

  5. The solution you have should work in ubuntu. What about fedora. Mine does not have libmp3lame. Attempts to install libmp3lame using yum were futile. Any other alternative?

  6. Sleeyp Head, I used this on a Fedora machine. But to do such things you need the livna repository activated. Install all mencoder and lame related packages, that should do.

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