KDE 4 Screencast: Plasma and KGet interaction

While the KDE 4.0 release date was shifted the development behind the scenes goes on. Recently Javier Goday submitted patches to connect Plasma with the KDE download application KGet. He made two screencasts showing how KGet can use Plasma for its needs.

The work at the new KGet already showed nice results and also proved that there is an active group of developers caring about this tool. Now Javier Goday extended this even more: In Commit Digest Issue 73 patches from him were mentioned which let Plasma interact with KGet:

Plasma kget data engine and plasma kget applet added

Short after I was told that he even produced screencasts and posted them in IRC. I asked him if it would be ok to spread the word, and he provided me with two screencasts which show how KGet and Plasma interact:

Both show yet again how flexible Plasma is – the pie charts are really nice (although maybe not that really useful) and the overall system just works and looks pretty.
And of course both screencasts show that “real” applications can be connected to Plasmoids. This is very cool!

I’m looking forward to more uses of this possibility – maybe some day we can drag objects out of the system tray to place them on the desktop and back again. That could come in handy and would soften the border between system tray and the rest of the desktop (which is artificial anyway).

Thanks again to Javier Goday who provided me the videos. I can only agree to a comment he made in his e-mail: “thanks to the great kget dev team, they are awesome, specially thanks to uwolfer”. Well done, KGet team!

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